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Over 10 years Services in Maroubra and Eastern Sydney
中医中药   Chinese Medicine
药膳药茶   Healthy Food and Tea 
代煎中药   Acupuncture 
针灸拔罐   Cupping
​美容养生   Wellbeing Products 
Acupuncture treatment is by appointment only.
SMS 0451262035 to make a booking before come to clinic.

 Ms. 彬彬_Michelle

Registered Acupuncturist,

Registered Chinese medicine practitioner

a formal disciple of Professor Zhang Jin

Needling Techonichs(非物质文化遗产传承人)
Languages: Chinese, English 

Open Date: Sunday to Thursday  By appointment only

Closed Date: Fri 4 pm to Sat 7 pm during the time no booking, unless very urgent situation. 


Acupuncture    针灸   

 $230  / session

 $100 / session -Government Homecare package Rebates 

Chinese Medicine Consultation  中医药

 $80  / Week
Initial consultation Extra  首诊年费  

 $30 / Year
Chinese Herbal Medicine 中药草药    

$8     < 30g herbs (not include expensive herbs not included), pr day (每付)
$15    30g- 60g herbs (expensive herbs not included), pr day (每付)

$5       add pr 30g  herbs, pr day (每付)
Ready to have CM Herbal Tea   代煎好的中药汤药    

$15    < 30g herbs Ready to drink,  pr day(每付)
$20    30g-60g herbs Ready to drink, pr day (每付)

The clinic made CM Herbal Tea  本店内制作的中药汤药    

$8       pr bag 内服汤药,每袋
$28    Enema pr bag 灌肠用,每袋

Extract Granules  中药粉                            $ 1/g


Other Services Prices  
Cupping 拔罐                                                  $50   /session
Guasha 刮痧                                                   $50   /session

Children acupuncture 儿童针灸           $80  /  15 mins


Home visit Service Prices

Acupuncture                                                  From $230
Home visit travel fee                                  $3 /kilometre


Online Services

Consultation  网上问诊                              $80  /  Week 

$320 / 10 weeks 

Lifestyle 日常咨询                                         Free/Member 

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Li Michelle

Shop 1a/ 102-106 Boyce Road,

Maroubra, NSW, 2035 

Tel: 0451262035 

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ABN: 37 149 017 694

Contact: +61 0451262035


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